The Roman Stadium of Philippopolis was built in the 2nd century AD during the reign of Emperor Hadrian. The competitions in the stadium were dedicated to the Emperor's "favorite man,"Antinous.

In the year 130 Antinous was sacrificed by drowning in the Nile River.  Following his death, the Emperor deified Antinous, resulting in one of the most popular cults of worship in ancient times.

In 2013, Olivia Robinson and Jesse Stiles were commissioned to create a site-specific installation in the ancient stadium, located in the modern-day city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The resulting installation work, Modern Lovers, depicts Hadrian and Antinous as hermaphroditic lover-twins, their bodies adorned in sound and light.  Video monitors in the base of the sculpture present a "Battle of the Gods" using Hollywood action movie stars in place of Roman deities.