Earlier this year I was thrilled to compose and perform the score for Stacy Matthew Spence's new dance work This Home is Us (in collaboration with the very talented Rourke Menzies).  We premiered the piece at Danspace Project in NYC May 19 through 21.  Stacy had me on-stage, with the dancers, doing 45 minutes of sound-making choreography and as such I now claim May 19, 2017 as my debut as a PROFESSIONAL DANCER #ACHIEVEMENTUNLOCKED.

Performing an electronic score while moving across a giant stage presented some interesting theoretical and practical challenges and so I teamed up with the brilliant Ali Momeni to design a fleet of mobile sound instruments.  You can read a little about these wonderful devices in the review by the New York Times, and Ali and I are working on a paper that will explain the technical and theoretical underpinnings.