Posting to the site

The first step for submitting an assignment is create a post on the course website.  The course website is powered by WordPress, a free and open-source blogging tool and CMS.  Using WordPress is pretty intuitive, but if you encounter difficulty there is a lot of support available online.

Your post should include the Max patch that was created for the assignment.  To post your patch:

1.  Unlock your patch.  Select the entire patch (you can hit Command-A to Select All).  Go to the Edit menu and select Copy Compressed.

copy compressed

2.  Create a post in WordPress.  To paste the Compressed Max patch into your WordPress post, first switch the WordPress editor to “Text” mode.


Now paste in the compressed patch.  It should come out looking like this:


If you try pasting the compressed patch into the Visual editor, WordPress will add line breaks that make it unusable.

Your posts should also include video and audio documentation of what your patch does.  Video documentation can be delivered via Vimeo or Youtube – both offer free accounts.  Formatting the video in a WordPress post is super-easy, just paste the link into the WordPress Visual editor [i.e. or], and WordPress will format it nicely, like so:

Sound recordings can be delivered via SoundCloud, which also offers free accounts (or you can use the class account, details here).  Posting SoundClouds is also super-easy, just post the link into the Visual editor [i.e.], and WordPress will auto-format it nicely, like so:

Under “Categories” tag your post with “Assignments”:

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.30.44 PM



Don’t forget: After you have created your post on the website, you must turn in the assignment using Blackboard by pasting a link to your post in the “Text Submission” area.