From the Middle Outwards

From the Middle Outwards is a live performance based on the theme of discovery by Amber Jones, Joe Mallonee, Jack Taylor, and Alexander Panos.

Amber Jones performed with a violin and also did sound editing.  In addition to sound editing, Amber worked with Jack to compose a melody to play on top of Alexander’s background track.

Joe Mallonee created and performed the live visuals, wrote the lyrics, and gave feedback.

Jack Taylor performed the guitar and lyrics and also created the main motif that was played throughout the performance.

Alexander Panos created the backing track, edited sounds, and mapped out the overall flow of the performance.

The piece was composed in 7 parts with layers gradually added. Breakdown sections were scattered in until the 7th section where the totality of sound is distorted, builds in intensity, and ends.






Amber hooked up contact microphones to the bridge of her violin and to the sound post of Jack’s guitar. These inputs were run into Ableton Live where Amber placed distortion effects on Jack’s guitar and an EQ, reverb, and a grain delay filter on her violin.




Alexander Panos created and edited recordings along with presets in FL Studio in order to achieve the backing track and connect it with the theme.

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