The Internet Aesthetic

Team Members: Amanda Marano, Chelsea Lane, Mutian Fu, Jaime Dickerson

Our performance was based on the performance that Jesse showed us in class using the MIDI controller, as well as other electronic pop artists we listened to online, such as Madeon. Our goal was to create a fun upbeat dance piece that was unique every time it was played.


We used three different controllers during our performance. Jaime used a MIDI keyboard of her own connected directly to the mixing board and was outputted to the speakers. The effects were generated by different settings on her keyboard, as well as a voice modifier and a microphone attached to the keyboard. Jaime played this keyboard during the final performance.

Matty was in charge of a MIDI controller with knobs that was connected to a MAX patch that directly controlled the video that she edited of My Keepon dancing from YouTube videos. There were three knobs that controlled the different RGB color levels in the video. If the levels were all set to 1, the video would be restored to its original color levels. She used this board during the final presentation.




This is the original version of the video Matty edited that was used in the Max patch:

Chelsea and Matty created an Ableton Live file that included sound bytes the group got from SoundCloud, including dubstep drum beats and latin rhythms. Matty mapped each different group of sounds onto a different page of a third midi controller, along with different sound effects. One sound can be played from each group, or page, and to that sound any or all effects on that page can be activated or deactivated for that sound.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 11.49.46 PM

Chelsea wrote a rough composition for using this Ableton Live file during performance. Amanda performed using this board in the final presentation, and she used the starting sounds from the composition but deviated from there until the end of the piece.

The composition was of the format of page-clipNumber and initially looked like this:



9-3 (Add soon after 10-1)

8-1 (Add only once music builds in intensity)

We rehearsed with Chelsea using the Ableton MIDI controller before we added the audio effects, and with Amanda using the controller afterwards for the final presentation. Each run through was ultimately completely improvised, with both Jaime and Matty reacting and playing in response to what either Chelsea or Amanda was playing using the Ableton sound clips and effects.

Here’s the final presentation:



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